Reality Check: BC Liberal job promises don’t add up

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worker_nail-gunPremier Clark “announced” $75 million in funding for trades training, saying it was related to her LNG deal.  The truth is the money already existed on the ITA service plan for this year. The announcement was nothing more than a photo op to distract from the terrible deal Premier got for British Columbians for LNG.

The truth unspun:

  • According to the ITA service plan – page 13 of 15 – $79 million would be used in the 2015/2016 budget for investing in training pathways.
  • The funding actually represents a cut  from the 2014/2015 budget, which included $87 million.

Quote from New Democrat spokesperson on Economic Development, Jobs, Labour, and Skills Shane Simpson:

“Premier Clark re-announced this skills training funding that already existed to distract British Columbians from the fact that her LNG deal doesn’t guarantee a single job for British Columbians.”