Rich Coleman raises new contradictions on B.C. Liberals’ failure to stop dirty money

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Rich Coleman - Former BC Liberal Solicitor General

Rich Coleman – Former BC Liberal Solicitor General

VANCOUVER – After finally emerging from hiding, Rich Coleman’s interview with CKNW only raises more questions about the B.C. Liberals’ attempt to deny responsibility for failing to tackle dirty money in B.C. casinos.
“It’s good to finally see Rich Coleman speak about this issue, rather than hiding. However, the more excuses he uses, the more questions are raised about why the B.C. Liberals will not accept responsibility for their failure to stop dirty money,” said Ravi Kahlon, New Democrat MLA for Delta North.
When asked about the B.C. Liberals taking big money donations from the casinos at the centre of the scandal, Coleman responded:
“That’s just not true. That’s just not true.” (CKNW, July 5th)
However, Elections B.C. records show the B.C. Liberals took $220,302 from Gateway Casinos and $127,274 from Great Canadian Gaming Corp. between 2015 and 2017.
Rich Coleman himself cashed a $390 cheque from Gateway Casinos during the 2017 election.
B.C. Liberal Leadership hopefuls, including Andrew Wilkinson, took in a total of $25,000 in big money donations from Gateway Casinos.
They haven’t learned. When asked what he would change now that the extent of dirty money is public, Coleman said:
“I think it’s difficult to say you would do anything differently.” (CKNW, July 5th)