Rustad and Falcon wheel and deal in corporate boardrooms while Eby takes action for people

While David Eby spent the spring taking action on what matters to people, John Rustad and Kevin Falcon spent the session opposing that action and focusing on themselves.

This week they let it slip that corporate executives are trying to arrange a marriage of convenience through back channels. Which explains why Rustad and Falcon have opposed Eby’s action for people, including:

And over the last week Rustad has condoned anti-abortion comments by his MLA Bruce Banman and candidate Damon Scrase, who called Canada a “death worshipping society” for supporting women’s right to choose.

Ravi Kahlon, BC NDP House Leader:

“All spring, David Eby has been taking action for people on housing, the cost of living and healthcare while John Rustad and Kevin Falcon stand up for the wealthiest and big corporations. Now we’ve learned that they’ve been trying to broker power in corporate backrooms. But the next election will be decided at the kitchen table, not the boardroom table.”