Rustad can’t stay silent on anti-gay comments by his candidates, says Chandra Herbert

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It’s time for John Rustad to denounce the anti-gay sentiments promoted by his candidates, says B.C. NDP MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert.

Recently, B.C. Conservative Candidate Bryan Breguet mocked a Vancouver Fire Department truck painted to celebrate Pride Month. A photo of the truck was posted by Chandra Herbert. Breguet responded, accusing firefighters of getting “political.” Breguet’s post helped encourage a wave of online hate targeted against Chandra Herbert. Breguet also recently liked a series of hateful posts, including calling the queer community “a cult.

Chandra Herbert called on Rustad to respond, but he remained silent. This follows a pattern of Rustad refusing to denounce his candidates who are openly stoking hate against the queer community.

When Rustad’s candidate Damon Scrase stepped down after calling gay people “perverts” and “groomers,” Rustad was asked directly if he agreed with those views. He said “I have no comment further with regards to what he actually said.”

When asked about candidate Paul Ratchford attacking Elenore Sturko as a “woke lesbian” and a “groomer,” Rustad dismissed it: “These things sort of happen during by-elections.”

Rustad is also continuing to compare SOGI anti-bullying resources to residential schools.

Spencer Chandra Herbert, B.C. NDP MLA:

“Any leader of a major political party should be able to stand up against homophobia, and when your candidates are openly attacking the queer community, saying ‘I have no comment’ doesn’t cut it. It’s time for John Rustad to make it clear whether he agrees with these candidates or denounces them.”