Rustad refuses to acknowledge reality of climate change

This morning, media reported that BC Liberal MLA John Rustad refused to acknowledge that climate change is real and human-caused:

Asked directly if he believes climate change is real and caused by humans, the MLA declined to answer.

“I know you asked a very specific question, but at this point I’m not prepared to answer that question,” he said, adding that that wasn’t the issue he was addressing in his speech to the legislature. (CBC News)

NASA reports that over 97% of climate scientists agree that the climate is warming and this is caused by human activity. (NASA)

After the article with Rustad’s comments was published, Rustad claimed the media “manufactured that story.” (Rustad Facebook)

George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change:

“We’re in a climate crisis. John Rustad’s refusal to acknowledge the reality of climate change is dangerous and unacceptable for a major political party. Either the BC Liberals will remove him from caucus or they are making room for climate deniers.”