Services and supports expanded to help evacuees in Langley

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LANGLEY– New Democrat MLAs Megan Dykeman and Andrew Mercier are welcoming funding to improve local emergency support services (ESS) for people evacuated from their homes during natural disasters or other emergencies.

“We have learned so much from extreme weather incidents over the past few years and this funding will enable local governments and First Nations to build on existing knowledge and increase their capacity to assist people in times of emergency,” said Megan Dykeman, MLA for Langley-East.

The City of Langley is receiving $29,864.94 for: ESS Serving the Community.

“If you ever find yourself needing to evacuate your home during an emergency, you’re going to need support,” said Andrew Mercier, MLA for Langley. “Funding to help modernize emergency support services and build capacity will benefit people when they need help more than ever.”

In total, $2.2 million is being distributed to communities across the province. The funding will expand local capacity to provide emergency support services through volunteer recruitment, retention, training, and the purchase of supplies and equipment. This funding will also support the modernization of local ESS programs to move toward digital registration and reporting.

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