Services and supports expanded to help evacuees in the Tri-Cities

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TRI-CITIES – New Democrat MLAs Mike Farnworth and Rick Glumac are welcoming funding to improve local emergency support services (ESS) for people evacuated from their homes during natural disasters or other emergencies.

“Being evacuated from your home can be scary and stressful, and that’s why our communities work hard to ensure they have plans in place,” says Mike Farnworth, MLA for Port Coquitlam. “The last thing evacuees should have to worry about is whether or not they can access reliable support.”

Port Coquitlam is receiving $26,190.71 in funding for Emergency Support Services (ESS) Recruitment, Training and Resources. Port Moody is receiving $23,343.24 for Capacity, Care, and Containers.

“Planning how to keep people safe during an emergency is a crucial part of planning for a strong and resilient community,” says Rick Glumac, MLA for Port Moody. “This announcement means people can rest assured that we don’t just have a plan in place, but the funding to back it as well.”

In total, $2.2 million is being distributed to communities across the province. The funding will expand local capacity to provide emergency support services through volunteer recruitment, retention, training, and the purchase of supplies and equipment. This funding will also support the modernization of local ESS programs to move toward digital registration and reporting.

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