Statement from leader Adrian Dix on the swearing-in of the New Democrat caucus

VICTORIA – Following today’s swearing in of New Democratic caucus, leader Adrian Dix issued the following statement:

“I am proud of our caucus that combines the experience of returning members and seven new MLAs, all of whom will be excellent representatives for their constituents and will hold the Liberal government to account.

“British Columbians, and especially those who voted for New Democrats, expect us to provide a strong, principled opposition and that’s exactly what we will do.

“Already, we have seen the Liberals award hefty pay increases to political staff when, at the same time, the government is imposing wheelchair fees on seniors.

“The Liberals campaigned on balancing the budget, lowering the debt, increasing job creation, while protecting vital services such as healthcare and education. They did not campaign on big raises for political insiders and new fees for vulnerable seniors.

“On election day, the Liberals signed a contract with voters, based on their campaign promises.

“British Columbians expect them to honour that contract and the New Democrat caucus will work hard to ensure they do.”