Statement from Selina Robinson, MLA

My recent comments have caused pain and distress within the Palestinian community, the Muslim community and beyond. I am very sorry. I bear full responsibility.

My words were inappropriate, wrong, and I now understand how they have contributed to Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism.

During a time of crisis when many innocent people are being killed, including Palestinians and Jews with family in British Columbia, those in positions of power have a responsibility to bring people together. My comments, however, did the opposite and contributed to further division.

I know that my comments have additionally caused pain, including among Indigenous communities, for perpetuating harmful narratives of colonialism. The experiences of First Nations people are not mine to manipulate. That was wrong and I am deeply sorry.

I am grateful to each person who has expressed to me their feelings of pain, anger, sorrow and outrage. All of it is valid.

I also know that there will be those who are not willing to speak with me. I have broken the trust of many, including friends and allies. It is fair for them to not want to engage with me, I know I will have to earn back their trust.

I am committed to learning from this significant mistake. To that end, I will be taking part in anti-Islamophobia training to more deeply understand the concerns that have been expressed to me.

I am committed to making amends, learning from the pain I have caused and doing whatever I can to rebuild relationships.

I am sorry. I will do better.

Selina Robinson, MLA for Coquitlam-Maillardville