Stewart’s comments about British Columbians are insulting and unacceptable: Coulter

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BC Liberal MLA Ben Stewart is kicking British Columbians when they are most vulnerable by criticizing government support programs that are helping people through the COVID-19 pandemic, Chilliwack MLA Dan Coulter said today.

On August 6, Stewart falsely claimed that COVID support programs were keeping people from seeking employment.

Today, he doubled down on those comments, suggesting out-of-work British Columbians are not “looking for work.” British Columbia is currently the only province in Canada that has seen its employment exceed pre-pandemic numbers.

Stewart also criticized government supports for people living with disabilities, telling the Kelowna Capital News that BC’s recovery plan is too focused on “special interest groups” like disabled people.

The BC NDP government has provided more supports to individuals and businesses than any other province during the pandemic. 

Dan Coulter, BC NDP MLA for Chilliwack

“Ben Stewart is implying that British Columbians are lazy and that is insulting to everyone who has struggled during this pandemic. His comments about people living with disabilities are especially unacceptableBC Liberals are completely out of touch with the challenges people are facing.”