“The math really adds up here” and other things people are saying about the new Enhanced Care overhaul at ICBC

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“I think the math really adds up here, because, currently, about a billion dollars is spent on the legal costs and that is basically money taken away from the people who need it to get better. So, if you actually redirect that money from process to treatment of the injured, that can do a lot of good.” –Werner Antweiler, Sauder School of Business

“We’re excited. They’re including more categories and making sure people are fully supported.” –Justina LohExecutive Director, Disability Alliance of B.C.

“Changes announced this week were among those recommended in an ICBC report several years ago that the Liberal government saw fit to scrub. No system is perfect, and there will undoubtedly be complaints ahead. But in seeking an insurance system that does a reasonable job for the most people, the moves this week are a step in the right direction.” –North Shore News Editorial

“The new care-based model provides significantly better coverage for people injured in traffic accidents through major increases in the level of medical care and supports for recovery.” –Dr. Kathleen Ross, President, Doctors of B.C.

“Physicians are going to be in the driver’s seat, so this will be more care able to be led by the patient’s treating physician, rather than waiting for approval by various sources to access care.” –Dr. Kathleen RossPresident, Doctors of B.C.

“Patients will have the peace of mind knowing that their care and treatment benefits will be there when they need them and for as long as they need to get better and return to their daily lives.” –Chrstine Bradstock, CEO, Physiotherapy Association of B.C.

“There was no overlooking the desperation of the Opposition Liberals this week as they scrambled to adjust to the changing landscape around auto insurance. No longer did it make sense to complain about out-of-control premiums, with the New Democrats freezing rates this year and promising a 20-per-cent cut next year.” –Vaughn Palmer, The Vancouver Sun

“The Liberals allowed the fire to spread even when it was clear it was happening. The Liberals now find themselves having to risk running on allowing private insurers into the province in a much more competitive way or seem to be siding with trial lawyers against good drivers having to pay increasingly exorbitant rates.” –Bill Good, News 1130

“It looks like the lawyers will have to fight this battle alone, as major organizations representing people injured in car crashes are, so far, backing the government.” –Mike SmythThe Province

“I think the Liberals just landed on the wrong side of the public opinion fence here – on the side of lawyers. Ordinary British Columbians will welcome anything that reduces premiums which, especially for young drivers, are stupidly high.” –Nelson Bennett, Business In Vancouver

“The changes envisioned make so much sense, only the B.C. Liberals and the trial lawyers who stand to lose millions of dollars at ratepayers’ expense could hate them. Sorry, Andrew, but you and your party will have to find another problem of your own making to try to lay at the feet of the NDP.” –Martyn Brown, The Georgia Straight