“Throwing LGBTQ+ people under the bus” and other things people are saying about Elenore Sturko’s defection

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“My phone is blowing up w/ many members of our community saying they’re shocked she’d trade in the safety of our community for a shot at power. I’m not shocked. It is sad, though.” –Charmaine de Silva

“The consequences extend far beyond the political arena. They perpetuate harmful stereotypes, embolden bigotry, and erode the progress made towards equality and acceptance. It’s a slap in the face to every trans person who struggles for recognition and respect in a society that too often denies them both. We cannot afford to turn a blind eye to this betrayal. We must hold these politicians accountable and demand better. Our community deserves leaders who will fight tirelessly for the rights and dignity of all LGBTQIA+ individuals, not ones who choose to prioritize their own political gain over our well-being.” –Wilbur Turner

“If its members don’t have the spine to stand up for what they believe in why would you ever think the party will stand up for you?” –Spencer Powell

“Happy Pride Month. Under the BC Liberals, a lot of significant work was done to establish SOGI inclusive education, protections for 2SLGBTQIA+ kids in schools, etc. How can a self-respecting person join a political party that actively advocates against our communities.” –Brandon Yan

“So let me get this right… Elenore Sturko has defected to the party she has called out for homophobia in the past… and will now be working alongside Paul Ratchford who called her a woke lesbian.” –Drex

“As a Chilliwack resident I’m far too familiar with anti-SOGI rhetoric and public displays of hate. I’ve seen it from former and current school trustees in Chilliwack— one of which is a current candidate. I couldn’t imagine giving up such principles.” –Reid Clark

“Watching a clip of Elenore Sturko on the news defending NOT liking rainbow crosswalks. I’m speechless. Disappointing but not surprising to see what politicians will do just to win.” –Narges Nirumvala

“I’m very upset by your decision, Elenore Sturko. Given your Federal Liberal stance and your progressive advocacy on 2SLGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights, and climate change, I know your values do not align with BC Conservative. I respect politicians who stand firm on their principles rather than chasing electoral success. We have had enough of politicians who change their positions for personal gain. If you stand up for your beliefs and lose the election, you will earn respect and support from many. However, your decision has left me deeply disappointed.” –Lenny Zhou, Vancouver City Council

“These are the type of people who Elenore Sturko has chosen to align with.” –Jesse Miller, referring to Billboard Chris’ tweet: “A 12-year-old girl in BC just had her breasts cut off because she thinks she’s a boy, and Kevin Falcon’s party is celebrating this child abuse cult. Vote BC Conservative.”

“It is incredibly alarming that Elenore Sturko cited a need to address SOGI policy as part of her reason to cross the floor. DURING PRIDE MONTH… SOGI isn’t a policy. It’s how we address health conversations across the curriculum.” –Bonnie McBride

“Seems painfully obvious that Sturko read the tea leaves. She was going to lose the next election. The Conservatives had yet to pick a candidate in her riding. She appears to be an opportunist…with possibly one priority: an MLA pension. Disheartening” –Bob Price

“Translation: Elenore Sturko really wants to keep her job and doesn’t mind throwing LGBTQ+ people under the bus to do so. Should we be unlucky enough to end up with a conservative govt i’m sure she’ll provide many crocodile tears as trans care bc is defunded” –Ivy

“Agree – I’m surprised as I thought Elenore Sturko was smart and had a strong moral compass. This is pure (and misplaced) opportunism.” –Terry Lake

“It’s opportunism over integrity. She is a sellout to the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. Not shocking in conservative circles for queer identifying people to do this, but extremely sad and harmful.” –Wilbur Turner