What is Wilkinson worried that dirty money documents will reveal?

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After refusing the Attorney General’s request to allow confidential access to BC Liberal government cabinet documents to assist in the fight against dirty money in B.C. casinos, it seems BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson is worried about what they may reveal.

In a troubling appearance on the Jon McComb show, Wilkinson was asked why he was blocking access to government records that could help to tackle dirty money.

Wilkinson replied, “Well we’d like to see the documents first and figure out what’s there.” (CKNW Sep 17)

It also seems he may be losing confidence in the BC Liberals’ claims about their record.

When McComb asked, “Rich Coleman said they did everything they could. Do you believe that?” Wilkinson replied, “Well, I wasn’t there. I wouldn’t know.”

“The BC Liberals ignored the rise of dirty money in B.C. casinos. Now, it looks like they want to pick and choose what to reveal, if anything.” said Ravi Kahlon, New Democrat MLA for Delta North. “They claimed that they did everything they could, so what do they have to hide? The people of B.C. want, and deserve, to know.”