Why didn’t BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson direct Former Speaker Reid to co-operate with spending scandal investigation?

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VICTORIA After months of discrediting an investigation into spending irregularities involving two senior BC Legislative Assembly staff, BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson continues to run cover for his caucus colleague and former Speaker Linda Reid.

Linda Reid, BC Liberal MLA for Richmond South Centre, served as Speaker when it is alleged that former Clerk Craig James abused his office by engaging in improper spending practices.

The LePard Report, which was released on Tuesday night, said Reid refused to be interviewed or answer the most important questions involving the investigation. (LePard Report, Pages 11 and 50).

However, when pressed by media yesterday, Wilkinson still dodged questions about Reid’s behavior and his responsibility to direct her to do the right thing and co-operate with investigators.

After being grilled by reporters, Wilkinson finally conceded that “Everybody who is asked to cooperate with this investigation should do so.”  (Wilkinson Scrum, Oct. 9, 2019.)

That should have been obvious from the start. Everyone who is asked to do so should co-operate with the investigation. However, the BC Liberal Leader fails to acknowledge that he has the power and authority to make that happen and yet he continues to run interference for Reid.