Wilkinson should show leadership and finally direct former speaker and BC Liberal MLA Reid to answer key questions about spending scandal

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VICTORIA – BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson needs to do his job and direct MLA and former speaker Linda Reid to answer critical questions about her knowledge of a spending scandal involving two senior legislature officials that occurred under her watch.

As has been the case throughout this scandal, Reid has refused to set the record straight about what she knew about suspected spending irregularities involving former clerk Craig James – going so far as hiring a lawyer to stonewall Doug LePard’s investigation.

When speaking to reporters yesterday, Reid wrongly suggested that she had answered all outstanding questions about the scandal. We can think of two that she has yet to answer to investigators, media or to her colleagues in the legislature.

1)    Reid refuses to answer whether she had any knowledge over whether Mr. James had misappropriated $8,000 in liquor in 2013.

2)    The former speaker also refuses to answer whether she had discussed the issue with former deputy clerk Kate Ryan-Lloyd who is currently serving as acting clerk.

It is simply wrong for Reid to leave these important questions unanswered. This does not just reflect badly on her. It reflects badly on Wilkinson who is either unwilling or unable to do the right thing and compel her to come clean about any knowledge she has of this scandal.