Will Andrew Wilkinson side with BC drivers or personal injury lawyers?

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This morning, John Horgan and David Eby announced an Enhanced Care model at ICBC. By cutting lawyers and legal costs out of the process, Enhanced Care will significantly improve benefits and bring down insurance rates by 20% for people.

Last year, personal injury lawyers made a whopping $500 million from ICBC settlements. In one case reported by Mike Smyth in 2019, an accident victim received just $22,874 of the $127,362 paid out by ICBC.

14 of the law firms that profited from settlements last year are past BC Liberal donors – giving a total of $154,926.

BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson, a former personal injury lawyer of 12 years, has a choice to make.

Will Andrew Wilkinson choose better care and 20% lower rates for drivers, or will he pick the lawyers who make billions off the status quo at ICBC?