Explanatory Notes on MLA expenses

Since 2015, expense reports have been made public for MLAs of all parties at B.C.’s Legislative Assembly website.

These reports are a summary of travel costs that have been claimed and processed on a monthly basis while members are working outside of their constituencies.

Members’ General Travel

Members claim travel expenses while carrying out work as MLAs within the province (but not within their constituencies). This includes travel related to critic duties, caucus responsibilities and MLA business related to the legislative assembly.

Members can claim for transportation and accommodation costs, as well as per diem payments for meals.

Accompanying Person Travel

Members are allocated up to 12 trips per fiscal year to be used by an accompanying person.

Per Diem

Members may claim a per diem of $61 while travelling on MLA business and while in Victoria on legislative assembly business. Members may claim smaller per diem amounts if some meals are provided or not required.

Capital City Living Allowance

Members from outside the Capital Regional District are paid an allowance to cover their accommodation costs while in Victoria. There are a number of options available. Only the hotel option is included on the travel claim, indicated by a reference to Victoria accommodation. Accommodation costs for members who have chosen other options are not paid through the travel claim. More detail about the CCLA can be found here.

Note: Due to claim processing logistics, the time period covered in individual reports may be more or less than a one-month period.