5 facts to know as B.C. kids head back to school

Dear B.C. parents and students,

As we head back to school this year, it’s a time for British Columbians to reflect on the value of the incredible public education system we’ve built over a century. Parents and students are blessed to have great teachers, great staff and great schools in their communities. But it’s also a school system deeply neglected by the B.C. Liberals. Christy Clark’s approach to public education has been both confrontational and complacent.

John Horgan and B.C.’s New Democrats are passionate about the importance of public education in a modern economy. We are standing up for kids, parents and families. We’d like to hear your experiences and ideas as well.

Please stay in touch, and help spread the word that BC families deserve better.

Rob Fleming, B.C. New Democrat Education Spokesperson

Here are five important facts we think people should know about Christy Clark’s neglect of public schools:

  1. After last year’s school strike, Christy Clark didn’t actually fund the strike settlement. Instead, she cut funding by $54 million more this year, saying the cuts could come from “low-hanging fruit.”
    Source: BC Budget
  2. Students (8-9) studying in classroomThe B.C. Liberal government still spends $1000 less per student than the Canadian average on public schools. B.C. has gone from second-highest to second-lowest in public education funding under the B.C. Liberals.
    Source: Statistics Canada
  3. 169 schools are at high-risk in an earthquake. This year, Christy Clark’s Liberals announced a further 10-year delay in seismic safety work for these schools.
    Source: Province of B.C. Seismic Mitigation Program
  4. There are fewer teachers per student in B.C. schools than 10 years ago. While the rest of Canada hired more educators per student by 5 per cent, B.C. fell 2 per cent. Since 2001 B.C. students have lost 1,529 specialist teachers alone.
    Source: BCTF/Statistics Canada
  5. B.C. Liberals hit school boards with $192 million in unfunded cost hikes. These include hikes to MSP premiums, hydro rates, and pension contributions over the last three years.
    Source: BC Association of School Business Officials

Fed up? So are we.

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