BC Liberals and their friends double down on preventing pro-rep referendum: ICBA confirms it will appeal Supreme Court ruling against injunction

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The Independent Contractors and Businesses Association announced today they will appeal the B.C. Supreme Court ruling against their request for an injunction to block this fall’s referendum on proportional representation.

“Proportional representation will give people a stronger voice and more choice,” says New Democrat MLA Bowinn Ma. “That’s not in the interests of the BC Liberals and their big money friends so it’s not surprising that they’d rather desperately attempt to shut down the vote than try to defend the status quo voting system.”

In the ruling on the ICBA’s original request for an injunction, the judge said that the ICBA’s arguments were based on “rhetoric,” “conjecture” and “exaggeration.” Elections BC has also stated the question is “simple and clear.”

Why are the BC Liberals and their big money friends so afraid of giving British Columbians the chance to choose a voting system that works for people?