Christy Clark’s Climate Action Plan won’t come close to meeting targets, according to experts

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smogVICTORIA— New Democrat environment spokesperson, George Heyman, released the following statement in response to a recent independent assessment of B.C.’s Climate Leadership Plan:

“The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, Pembina Institute, and Clean Energy Canada’s independent assessment of Christy Clark’s Climate Leadership Plan shows that there are massive gaps between the plan and carbon pollution targets. That just isn’t good enough.

“The joint release shows that carbon pollution will actually rise until 2030 under Christy Clark’s plan, and that by 2050 carbon pollution will still be 41 megatonnes (Mt) higher than British Columbia’s legislated 2050 target of 12.6 Mt. This is an embarrassing failure by Christy Clark’s government.

“British Columbians care deeply about fighting climate pollution and creating good jobs while adding value to our resources responsibly, but we aren’t seeing any of this from Christy Clark and her government.

“A John Horgan New Democrat government will put forward a climate action plan before the next election that will have real targets to cut carbon pollution, with a commitment to meet them, and will have a plan to create many new clean technology and renewable energy jobs while protecting our existing industries from unfair competition.

“British Columbians deserve better from Christy Clark and her government than hollow and misleading claims that leave a terrible mess for our children and grandchildren. We deserve a government that understands our challenges and stands with us to make our lives and our future better.”