Christy Clark’s culture of cover-up needs real change, not another report

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DeathtoStock_Wired2VICTORIA— The findings of David Loukidelis’ report do not fix the culture of deceit and cover-up that Premier Clark has created, say B.C. New Democrats.

“What is truly needed for British Columbians’ trust to be restored is a change in culture in the Clark government,” says New Democrat leader John Horgan. “Change comes from the top, and without a commitment from Premier Clark to ensure that her political staff are obligated to create and keep important records, her culture of deception will continue.”

This fall, B.C.’s Information Commissioner released a scathing report which found political staff in the B.C. Liberal government willfully destroy records and triple delete their emails. Rather than act on the findings, Premier Clark hired David Loukidelis to review the issues and provide advice. Loukidelis’ report was released today and it falls short of fixing the underlying problems in Christy Clark’s government.

“The Information Commissioner found the premier’s political staff destroyed records on purpose, not because they didn’t understand the law,” said Horgan. “No amount of training will make up for a lack of leadership from the premier.”

New Democrats also rejected the premier’s claim that more study is needed to put in place a legal requirement to keep a record of the decisions of government.

“The premier’s claim that she needs to understand how to implement a duty to document law is laughable,” said Doug Routley, New Democrat spokesperson for Citizen Services. “This past spring, B.C. New Democrats introduced a bill doing just this and the premier flatly rejected it. She has also rejected the Legislative Committee’s recommendation to do the exact same thing.”

“Christy Clark is feeling political pain and saying whatever it takes to make it go away,” said Routley.

British Columbians expect their government to operate with accountability and integrity and until the premier fully commits to a duty document, the culture of cover-up will continue.