Does Comox Valley MLA Don McRae support local farmers?

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COMOX VALLEY – Comox Valley MLA Don McRae should tell his constituents whether he stands with them or with his Liberal colleague Bill Bennett who insists Bill 24 will pass, weakening protections for farmland, say B.C.’s New Democrats.

“Don McRae needs to answer to his constituents, many of whom strongly support the protection of farmland, whether or not he stands with British Columbian farmers, or if he sides with B.C. Liberal MLA Bill Bennett who wants to destroy the Agricultural Land Reserve,” said New Democrat agriculture critic Nicholas Simons, who noted that McRae is himself a former agriculture minister.

Despite a recent announcement by the new agriculture minister, Norm Letnick, that he intends to take a step back and consult with British Columbians on Bill 24, the Liberal Minister for Core Review, Bill Bennett, has stated emphatically that the bill “is going to pass this session.”

Simons noted that Bennett, through his role as the Minister for Core Review, has been instrumental in trying to break apart the ALR.

“The ALR plays an integral role in protecting B.C.’s farmland, yet Minister Bennett is hell bent on destroying it and allowing it to be managed through political decisions. This simply can’t be allowed to happen and Don McRae needs to start explaining exactly where he stands.”