Evergreen Line finally opening – over budget and late, contrary to Christy Clark government’s claim

Evergreen_Line_Construction_(13077056243)COQUITLAM – The New Democrats are happy to see the Evergreen Line finally open, but would be even happier if the Christy Clark government’s claim that it was on budget and on time was actually true.

“We’re happy that the Evergreen Line is finally open, but it is two years late and $173 million over budget,” said Selina Robinson, New Democrat MLA for Coquitlam-Maillardville.

Robinson was referring to the fact that in 2009, the B.C. Liberal government said that the province’s contribution would be $410 million and it would be open by 2014. In fact, the province’s contribution is $586 million so far – $173 million over budget – and it is two years late.

“Evergreen joins a long line of projects for Christy Clark that are late and over budget, in this case costing our transit system over a hundred million dollars that should have gone into improving services,” said David Eby, New Democrat Spokesperson for TransLink. “Christy Clark’s government’s claims that this late, wildly expensive project is ‘on time and on budget’ shows the premier is either incompetent, or actively trying to mislead people.”

“We’re happy the Evergreen Line is finally complete, but this is just one transit line, in one area. Unfortunately, with Christy Clark playing endless transit funding games with the mayors of Metro Vancouver, at this rate commuters in other cities will wait for years before they see the buses and trains required to reduce gridlock and traffic.”

“John Horgan has made it clear that a New Democrat government will provide more funding for trains and buses to get people moving, which is what Metro Vancouver commuters sitting in traffic every day have told us their communities need desperately,” said Eby.