Letter to Premier Clark: Time for Minister Cadieux to resign, neglect of children to end

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New Democrat Leader John Horgan sent Premier Clark the following letter – calling her to give recent tragic deaths of children in care the attention they deserve, starting with firing the Minister of Children and Family Development.

Dear Premier Clark:

Yet another heartbreaking death of a child in the care of your government has shaken the public’s confidence that the Province of British Columbia is willing or able to protect the
children in your care.

You and your colleagues have presided over 14 years of cuts, chronic underfunding and neglect of the ministry charged with this work. Your minister is clearly unable to demand
accountability from her senior staff and to give the public confidence in government’s ability to discharge its responsibility to the most vulnerable.

New leadership is clearly required if the public is to have confidence in child welfare programs in British Columbia. I urge you to designate a new minister as quickly as possible.

Yours sincerely,

John Horgan, Leader
New Democrat Official Opposition

Original letter to Premier Clark