Local MLA Bob D’Eith welcomes $194,200 in grant funding for public safety and crime prevention in Maple Ridge

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MAPLE RIDGE – MLA Bob D’Eith is welcoming one-time grants totaled at $194,200 for Maple Ridge through the Crime Prevention and Remediation grant program, announced last Friday. Programs that mentor youth to resist joining gangs, support women escaping violence and help Indigenous families heal from intergenerational traumas will benefit from this funding.

“Education is an important part of crime prevention and one that is needed for youth in Maple Ridge,” said D’Eith. “It’s through grant programs like this one that we can start to address the root issues of crime and focus on solutions.”

Organizations in Maple Ridge receiving funding are:

  • Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Community Services, $164,200 for several restorative justice and crime prevention initiatives, such as providing wrap-around supports for crime-involved youth.
  • School District #42, $30,000 for a project that will build capacity within public schools to respond to the ongoing issues of domestic/sexual violence for young people in the communities of Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, and Katzie First Nation

The Crime Prevention and Remediation grant program is funded through proceeds of the Civil Forfeiture Office, which undermines the profit motive behind criminal activity by taking away tools and proceeds of crime and putting them back into programs that support community crime prevention and safety.

In total, over $6 million in grants and more than 170 local organizations and projects – led by community not-for-profits, and school districts – will receive funding through this grant program in 2018-19. Since 2006, the Crime Prevention and Remediation grant program has provided more than $39 million to help organizations throughout B.C. to further their crime prevention efforts.

John Horgan and the New Democrat government are delivering results to make life better for people in British Columbia, and we’re going to keep working hard for you.

Learn More: https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2019PSSG0040-000645