MLA Rick Glumac recovering from prostate cancer and returning to the B.C. legislature today

VICTORIA – Port Moody-Coquitlam MLA Rick Glumac is returning to the B.C. legislature Monday, following a two-week absence from Victoria while recovering from treatment for prostate cancer.

“Like so many other British Columbians who face a personal battle with cancer, I was determined to fight, despite how difficult it can be at times,” said Glumac. “I’ve reached a level of recovery now that allows me to get back to Victoria and represent the people of Port Moody-Coquitlam in the B.C. legislature.

“This weekend, I was also informed by doctors that they appear to have successfully removed all of the cancer. This was incredible news to hear.”

Glumac has been on leave from the B.C. legislature since mid-February while recovering. He was first diagnosed with prostate cancer just before Christmas.

“I can’t express how important it is to catch cancer in the early stages,” said Glumac. “I encourage all British Columbians, especially those with a family history, to connect with their health care provider about getting evaluated.  If you notice changes and those changes persist, talk to your doctor.

“Everyone thinks it won’t happen to them until it does.”

Glumac said he is so thankful to the amazing doctors and health professionals who’ve helped him in recent months.

“We’re fortunate in British Columbia and Canada to have the public health care system we do. I am also thankful for the support I’ve received from family and friends.  They were a source of strength and I have much to be grateful for,” he said.