As most British Columbians struggle to afford housing, Wilkinson stands with top 2% of homeowners

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VICTORIA – Yesterday, BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson came out against the NDP’s tax increases on luxury homes worth over $3 million.

Housing Minister Selina Robinson says the BC Liberal record of protecting people at the top is one of the reasons housing is so expensive for most British Columbians.

“For 16 years, Andrew Wilkinson’s BC Liberals stood with the top 2% of British Columbians while making life more expensive for everyone else,” said Robinson. “Today he is showing that he hasn’t learned a thing. His plan to let the richest 2% off the hook would mean even higher housing costs for people.”

The government’s Homes for BC plan says the increases to the property transfer tax and the school tax rate “not only ask the wealthiest to contribute a little bit more, but they will help to stabilize housing prices.”

Only the most expensive 2% of BC houses ($3 million and up) will be impacted by these two taxes. But Wilkinson is concerned that these changes “will negatively impact housing affordability” for people who buy or already own homes worth more than $3 million.

Robinson says the new NDP government is focused on the British Columbians who were left behind under the BC Liberals.

“After years of BC Liberal giveaways to people at the top, I’m proud that our government is working for the other 98% British Columbians,” said Robinson. “Our 30-point housing plan will tackle speculation, tax luxury homes, and create 114,000 units of affordable rental housing over the next 10 years.”