New Democrats propose solutions to reduce emissions from LNG

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VICTORIA — New Democrat environment spokesperson Spencer Chandra Herbert has proposed two amendments to government LNG legislation governing greenhouse gas emissions that would broaden the scope of the bill to apply to extraction, processing and transport of natural gas for LNG.

“New Democrats support an LNG industry built with 100 per cent B.C. workers, but we can’t support the B.C. Liberals going back on their promise to have the cleanest LNG industry in the world,” said Chandra Herbert.

“The legislation put forward by the B.C. Liberals ignores emissions from natural gas production that happens before the gas arrives at LNG facilities. That’s 70 per cent of emissions that are not subject to these regulations.”

Under law, B.C. is obligated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 33 per cent by 2020, a legal obligation that will be impossible to reach if the LNG emissions bill isn’t strengthened

“This isn’t just about failing to follow our own law, it’s about doing what’s right for our economy and for our future,” said Chandra Herbert.

“We are already seeing climate change negatively impact industries such as forestry, shellfish aquaculture and fishing. We have to be part of the solution to climate change; we can’t afford to be part of the problem.”

Chandra Herbert put forward two amendments on Thursday to the Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act being debated in the legislature.

One adds “natural gas extraction, processing, and transport operation for liquefication” to the “Schedule of Regulated Operations and Emission Limits,” mandating lower or equivalent emissions to similar operations across the globe. The other deletes a section that would allow the government to exempt LNG and related operations from the carbon tax.

“The B.C. Liberals promised the cleanest LNG in the world, then put forward legislation that doesn’t deliver,” said Chandra Herbert. “If adopted, our amendments will help reduce emissions from this industry, and make it easier to keep our climate change commitments.”

B.C. New Democrats support building an LNG industry that ensures good jobs for British Columbians, gives us a fair return for our resource, respects and makes partners of First Nations, and protects our air, land and water.

You can view the proposed attachments below:

Amendment to bill 2 – SCHEDULE

Amendment to bill 2 – section 56