New Democrats support the development of an LNG industry, done right. Unlike Premier Clark, we say it should be built and run predominantly if not exclusively by British Columbians. In the last election the Premier promised 100,000 jobs, but now she's arranging for more temporary low-wage foreign workers — people who don’t get the chance to build a life here through immigration, like so many of our families did. Her twisting of the facts on the temporary foreign worker program is deplorable. This after negotiating disappointingly low revenues — half of what was promised in the election — and giving industry a free pass on 70% of their pollution. LNG in BC should come with the guarantee of good-paying jobs and training opportunities for BC workers, and British Columbians must receive a fair return for the resource that belongs to them. Government must respect and makes partners of First Nations and recognizes their right to a share in any the benefits that may flow from LNG. And our air, water and land must be protected.

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