Christy Clark only has 99,900 jobs left to meet her LNG jobs promise

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AGAs_LNG-terminalVICTORIA— New Democrat leader John Horgan issued the following statement about the announcement of a final investment decision for Woodfibre LNG:

“I am pleased to hear that Woodfibre LNG has announced they intend to move forward. They’ve still got an uphill battle to make sure that they meet the very stringent environmental conditions put forward in their partnership with the Squamish First Nation, but the proponents have respectfully engaged with First Nations, will provide job training and good, family-supporting jobs to local people, and will proceed in a way that minimizes climate changing emissions at the plant.

“For all of these reasons, B.C.’s New Democrats are supportive of Woodfibre LNG and the jobs and economic activity it will bring to our province. Other LNG projects that meet our four conditions can expect similar support.

“While the Woodfibre announcement is good news, it’s also a stark reminder that it’s hard to believe anything Christy Clark says anymore, considering just how far off she is from meeting the LNG commitments that she made to British Columbians in the lead up to the 2013 election.

“Christy Clark promised British Columbians 100,000 jobs. Christy Clark promised we’d have an LNG plant up and running by last year and five by 2020. Christy Clark promised a $100 billion prosperity fund and a debt free B.C. – none of those promises have been kept and none of them will be kept.

“For the last five years, every economic sector of the province has been on the sidelines while Christy Clark has focused on LNG to the exclusion of all else. More jobs have been lost in other sectors through inattention than the 100 permanent jobs that may be gained through this project. British Columbians expected better, and they deserved better.

“As we move forward to the next election, I will continue to hold Christy Clark accountable for failing to keep her promises to British Columbians, and I will be putting forward a diverse economic platform that will bring jobs to every region of the province and a comprehensive climate plan, that incorporates LNG within the context of our overall climate goals. Clark’s plan does not do that.

“I know that British Columbians have been suffering because Christy Clark has put photo-ops before families. It’s time for leadership that is focused on making life better for British Columbians.”