Premier downgrades promise of LNG jobs and offers no help for B.C. families

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horgan_throne_speechVICTORIA – Premier Christy Clark failed to offer help for hard-working B.C. families who are concerned about rising costs, says New Democrat leader John Horgan.

“I think everyone wants to see a prosperous British Columbia. The premier talks a lot in the throne speech about it, and that might be true from where she sits.  But I’m hearing from hard-working British Columbians that the economy is not working for them,” said Horgan.

The Speech from the Throne was read to mark the start of the spring legislative session on Tuesday. Horgan said it offered no real action for people struggling to get by.

“We just had two by-elections where we heard over and over that people are struggling with rising hydro bills, unfair MSP tax hikes and unaffordable housing. What we heard in Vancouver and Coquitlam are the same things people are saying across the province,” said Horgan.

“Once again the premier wants British Columbians to trust her, but that hasn’t worked out very well so far. After promising 100,000 jobs from building an LNG industry, now she has downgraded and says we need LNG to keep us from losing 13,000 jobs,” said Horgan.

“There was very little hope offered in this throne speech at a time when families need it most.”