It’s time to join the rest of the country with a plan to fight poverty, say New Democrats

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VICTORIA — New Democrat social development spokesperson Michelle Mungall tabled the “Poverty Reduction and Economic Inclusion Act” in the legislature on Thursday. The bill would help B.C. catch up with the rest of Canada on the fight against poverty.

“The Liberals have turned B.C. into Canada’s poverty province. Since the B.C. Liberals took government, we have had the highest levels of poverty in the country,” said Mungall. “It is no coincidence B.C. is also the only province in the country not committed to a legislated plan to fight poverty. It’s time for the B.C. Liberals to join with New Democrats and governments of every stripe across the country and bring in a plan to help people out of poverty.”

Mungall noted that if the B.C. Liberals were to support the New Democrats’ bill, it would help them end poverty-creating policies like the clawback of child support from children of single parents on income assistance and disability.