NDP Leader John Horgan Statement on Harvest Moon Festival


VICTORIA – On the occasion of Harvest Moon Festival –추석, New Democrat leader John Horgan made the following statement on behalf of the Official Opposition.

“September 27 is Harvest Moon Festival for Koreans around the world. On behalf of the New Democrat caucus, we extend our warmest thoughts to the Korean community as they embark upon a happy Harvest Moon Festival.  All British Columbians who enjoy and share Korean culture look forward to this celebrating occasion, and we wish them a joyful Harvest Moon Festival,” said Horgan.

Jane Shin, the New Democrat deputy spokesperson for multiculturalism said, “Harvest Moon Festival –추석is one of the ancestral memorial rites that have been done for thousand years in Korea. As a celebration of the good harvest, Koreans visit their ancestral hometowns and share a feast of Korean traditional food. We are all aware of the Korean community’s contributions as they make British Columbia a better place. It is a time for us also, to acknowledge the important contributions Korean-Canadians have made and their commitment to greater respect, harmony, and a more compassionate community.

As you celebrate Harvest Moon Festival, we join with you in wishing for a peaceful, and joyous future.”