Mike Morris interview on Mike Smyth Show – August 30, 2021

Mike Morris interview on Mike Smyth Show – August 30, 2021 

Smyth: What do you want to see? You support the vaccine card, though, right? 

Morris: We support vaccines. Everybody in British Columbia should be vaccined. Public safety — 

Smyth No, but I’m saying do you support the vaccine passport? 

Morris: Vaccines are the only way that we can approach this whole process of making sure that British Columbians stays safe from COVID-19. We’ve seen the Delta variant take hold here and the devastating effects that it’s had. So British Columbians need to step up to the plate and take vaccines and —  

Smyth: Mike, let me just be very clear on this. I’m asking do the Liberals support the vaccine card system that’s been announced by government that you’ll require proof of vaccination to go in a restaurant, in a pub, in a movie theatre. Do you support that, yes or no?  

Morris: The simple answer to that is that we support vaccines and whatever way that the public can prove that they have the vaccine in order to access some of these venues then I think that they need to take those steps to do that. 

Smyth: OK, Mike, it’s not a clear answer for me. Do you guys support this or not? 

Morris: We support everybody in British Columbia being vaccinated, Mike. So if somebody doesn’t want to get a vaccine that’s their personal choice, but there’s consequences to some of these choices that they make where they may not have access to some of these venues, they may not have access to some employment opportunities, but it’s their personal choice.