Accused drug dealers walk free because of Christy Clark’s cuts

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VICTORIA— For the second time in less than a week an accused drug dealer has walked free because of Christy Clark’s cuts to courtrooms, says New Democrat public safety spokesperson Mike Farnworth.

“Christy Clark is too busy working for the people at the top to focus on the things that matter – like getting drug dealers off of our streets,” said Farnworth.

In Question Period at the B.C. legislature this morning, Farnworth challenged Attorney General Suzanne Anton to explain why accused drug dealers are being released. Anton offered nothing but excuses, despite being in charge for the last four years.

“Christy Clark was warned for years that her cuts to courtrooms would lead to drug dealers and other criminals walking free. But she chose to give a billion dollars in tax breaks to millionaires instead of hiring sheriffs to keep our courtrooms safe and ensure justice is done,” said Farnworth.

An accused heroin dealer was released in Victoria on Wednesday because there was no sheriff to staff his trial. Last Friday an accused cocaine dealer was released for the same reason.

“British Columbians deserve a government that is working for them, not just the wealthy and the well connected,” said Farnworth. “We have drug dealers walking free because Christy Clark has the wrong priorities. She isn’t working for everyday people.”