Andrew Wilkinson finds safe harbour with yacht club members after learning that renters and students don’t like the cut of his jib

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VICTORIA – Following recent apologies and walkbacks for his “insulting” and “out of touch” comments about renters and students, BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson sailed into the West Vancouver Yacht Club yesterday to say ahoy to about two-dozen members of the exclusive group.

At the event, Wilkinson sternly criticized the tax on real estate speculation while defending people “deemed to be well off.”

BC NDP MLA Bob D’Eith says Wilkinson just doesn’t understand the challenges faced by the millions of British Columbians struggling to stay afloat in the housing crisis.

“Andrew Wilkinson has been tying himself in knots trying to explain his recent out of touch comments,” says D’Eith. “But every time we learn more about his real views, it’s clearer that his priority is to buoy the richest 2% and leave everyone else lost at sea.”

Years of rudderless leadership by the BC Liberals contributed significantly to the housing affordability crisis BC is facing today.

“Too many people are treading water because of the housing crisis that developed under the BC Liberals,” says D’Eith. “But instead of throwing people a lifeline, Andrew Wilkinson is making them walk the plank.”

D’Eith says that Wilkinson’s plan to cancel the speculation tax and give a tax cut to the top 2% would torpedo opportunities for regular British Columbians.

“Again and again, we see Andrew Wilkinson standing up for the people in first class while making the British Columbians in steerage pay the price,” says D’Eith. “Under John Horgan, we’re charting a different course by tackling the housing crisis and making life more affordable for people.”