Andrew Wilkinson is doubling down on old ideas that would make life harder for people, says NDP’s Bowinn Ma

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Andrew Wilkinson is desperately trying to shed the BC Liberals’ 16-year record. But at the same time, he’s doubling down on the same old BC Liberal ideas that British Columbians have already rejected:

  • Making people continue to pay MSP premiums.
  • Letting unfettered speculation drive housing out of reach by cancelling the speculation and vacancy tax.
  • Handing hundreds of millions in tax breaks to the top 2% and people with homes worth over $3 million, leading to service cuts for everyone else.
  • Making childcare more expensive by opposing the NDP’s plan to increase spaces and reduce fees for young families.
  • Continuing to enable money laundering by refusing to provide documents about past efforts to tackle the problem.

And Andrew Wilkinson’s attempt to replace BC Liberal MLAs with political baggage doesn’t change the fact he was a key architect of his party’s 16-year record:

  • During the 2001 election, Wilkinson served as BC Liberal Party President.
  • In 2001, was appointed Deputy Minister of Intergovernmental Relations by Gordon Campbell.
  • From 2003-2006, was Deputy Minister for Economic Development.
  • In 2013, appointed Minister of Citizens’ Services by Christy Clark.
  • In 2014, appointed Minister of Advanced Education (also responsible for GCPE) by Christy Clark.
  • In 2017, appointed Attorney General and Minister of Justice by Christy Clark.

As the former Minister responsible for ICBC, Todd Stone might be one of the old faces Andrew Wilkinson would like to shed. But as Stone reminded Wilkinson in a 2018 leadership debate:

“Well Andrew, last time I checked, you and a few of the others on this stage were sitting with us at the cabinet table as we made decisions.” –Todd Stone, Jan 23, 2018.

BC NDP on the record:

“Andrew Wilkinson continues to demonstrate that he still doesn’t understand the challenges facing everyday British Columbians. Just like Christy Clark, he wants to give huge tax breaks to the top 2% while making people pay MSP and driving the cost of housing and childcare even more out of reach. It’s clear he isn’t interested in working for regular people and their families.” –Bowinn Ma, BC NDP MLA for North Vancouver-Lonsdale.