B.C. Liberals further weaken Agricultural Land Commission by firing independent chair

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 © Copyright 2008 Picture BC, All Rights ReservedVICTORIA— Not content to weaken the Agricultural Land Commission by stacking it with Liberal appointees, the B.C. Liberal government is taking their attack on B.C. farmland a step further by firing the independent chair of the Agricultural Land Commission, Richard Bullock.

“Richard Bullock has been an effective advocate for the protection of farmland in British Columbia. Instead of thanking him, the Liberals are showing him the door before the end of his term,” said New Democrat agriculture spokesperson Lana Popham. “By firing him the B.C. Liberals are continuing their war on B.C.’s agricultural land.”

Popham noted that Bullock fought back against B.C. Liberal MLA and former Agriculture Minister Pat Pimm when he tried to interfere in an application before the commission, which took courage and conviction.

“Bullock is a true champion for agriculture, who is respected by all sectors of the agriculture industry for his expertise and fair-mindedness,” said Popham.

“This is a critical time for B.C. agriculture, as the Liberals prepare to release new regulations stemming from Bill 24, which weakened farmland protections on 90 per cent of ALR land. By replacing B.C.’s agricultural watch dog with someone with no background in agriculture, the B.C. Liberals are making it clear that their attack on the ALR has only just begun.”