BC NDP calls on Andrew Wilkinson to respect the choice British Columbians make in referendum

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As voter turnout for the 2018 electoral referendum surpasses 40 per cent, the BC NDP is calling on BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson to respect the choice British Columbians make.

As he has worked to undermine the referendum process, Wilkinson has moved his goalpost for the turnout required for him to respect the results of the referendum. On November 10, Ming Pao reported: “if voter turnout is lower than 30 per cent, [Wilkinson] would question the validity of the referendum result.” (Ming Pao News, Nov 10)

Later, with turnout increasing, he upped his personal marker to 40 per cent: “I’ve said anything under 40 per cent raises real concerns about the process.” (Okanagan Weekend, Nov 17)

This morning, Elections BC reported that turnout has reached 40%. But Wilkinson’s past comments suggest that no turnout is high enough for him to respect the outcome if British Columbians choose pro rep.

On September 26, he said he would even trigger an election to block the choice of British Columbians: “if it passes, we will be doing everything we can to make sure there’s an election before November of 2021 on the current system.” (Alaska Highway News, Sep 26)

Quote from Bowinn Ma, MLA for North Vancouver-Lonsdale:

“Andrew Wilkinson is putting his own political interests first by trying to undermine this process, but voter turnout has surpassed every marker he has set and he is running out of excuses. It’s time for him to commit to respecting the choice British Columbians make, even if he doesn’t agree with it.”