Christy Clark ends session under cloud of RCMP investigation into B.C. Liberal fundraising

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VICTORIA—  John Horgan, Leader of the B.C. New Democrats released the following statement on the end of the legislative session:

“This legislative session was a lost opportunity for the people of British Columbia.

“This was Christy Clark’s chance to fix some of the damage she caused with years of B.C. Liberal neglect. She chose to shut it down early instead.

“British Columbians have suffered from a decade and a half of B.C. Liberal cuts to services they need. They have been struggling to make ends meet with low-wages and unstable jobs. Even basics like housing are out of reach for many, and people are being forced out of their homes or having their rents jacked up because of loopholes in our rental laws.

“These are all issues that Christy Clark could have addressed this session, but she chose not to.

“Instead of working for ordinary people, and making life more affordable, Christy Clark sells access and influence to big money donors.

“It’s never been more clear that Christy Clark is working for her rich friends, not everyday people. Even an RCMP investigation into B.C. Liberal fundraising practices wasn’t enough to convince Christy Clark to do the right thing and ban big money from politics.

“Now we are headed into an election campaign.

“After years of neglect, people will have a chance pass judgement on Christy Clark’s government, and the opportunity to elect a premier who is ready to work for them.”