Christy Clark still doesn’t care about affordable child care in B.C., despite federal government joining the chorus

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VANCOUVER – Christy Clark is still a flat-out ‘no’ when it comes to affordable childcare despite the federal government joining the public and John Horgan and the New Democrats who are in full support.

“The only people who seem to be against affordable child care in B.C. are Christy Clark, her finance minister, and her wealthy donors who don’t need to worry about the cost of child care,” said New Democrat spokesperson for child care Jodie Wickens. “But working people know that child care costs are prohibitive to balancing family budgets and maintaining careers.

“Christy Clark is happy to make government sweetheart deals for wealthy donors, but is completely out of touch with the struggles of hard working families.”

Following the release of the federal budget which showed $90 million for affordable childcare in B.C., Christy Clark’s finance minister was quick to tell media “no” when asked if the Clark government will side with John Horgan and the New Democrats who are committed to the widely supported $10-per-day child care plan.

“I’ve travelled the province talking to parents about child care accessibility and cost, and I’m regularly struck by how their lives are impacted by the lack of spaces and high cost,” said Wickens, MLA for Coquitlam-Burke Mountain. “Many moms have told me they had to give up their careers because they weren’t able to afford child care, and others said the waitlists in some cases were so long that their kids would be in kindergarten before a child care spot even opened.

“Virtually everyone but Christy Clark knows how important quality child care is for families and how it needs to be affordable so parents don’t have to give up careers. John Horgan gets it, care providers get it, the public gets it, but Christy Clark just doesn’t care.”