Death of former youth in care a preventable tragedy

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shadowVICTORIA— New Democrat Leader John Horgan issued the following statement on the death of a 19 year old girl who just recently aged out of government care:

“I woke up this morning to news that another young woman has died shortly after aging out of government care. While we don’t know the details of this young woman’s life, we know how she died. Alone. In a tent. In some bushes in Surrey.
“It’s been a year and half since the Paige report came out. That report was about the life and death of another 19 year old girl who aged out of care. It was a road map to preventing future tragedies.
“And the government ignored it.
“The Christy Clark government was told to improve services for young women aging out of care, especially the most vulnerable.
“And they didn’t.
“The Christy Clark government was told to ensure youth like Paige received support and services beyond their 19th birthday.
“And they refused to support our amendments to legislation that would have done that.
“I’m profoundly saddened by the death of this girl – but more than that, I am angry. Angry that her life was cut short because of the failures of an uncaring government.
“I’m angry because this was a preventable tragedy. It never should have happened.
“She was just 19 years old. We should have been celebrating her birthday, not mourning her funeral.
“We know how to prevent these deaths – report after report has shown us the path – but the Christy Clark government refuses to take meaningful action.
“Throwing away these children is shameful, it’s wrong and it needs to stop.”