Documents confirm premier’s office involvement in firing of health researchers

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VICTORIA – Documents released today on the premier’s office involvement in the firing of health researchers confirm the government’s review is a sham designed to protect the premier.

“The premier told the house that she was certain in her own heart that the fired individuals weren’t dealt with fairly, yet it’s clear her words were meaningless given the involvement of her own office in these unjust firings,” said New Democrat leader John Horgan.

Correspondence revealed on Thursday show that the premier’s deputy minister, John Dyble, was involved in the decision to fire the researchers, as well as the events surrounding how they were announced. The deputy minister then proceeded to orchestrate a review with limited terms of reference, all designed to bury the premier’s offices’ involvement.

“This correspondence between the former deputy minister of health and B.C. government officials reaffirms that the premier’s office was directly involved in these health firings, and that they then designed a review to protect itself from accountability,” said Horgan.

“From the onset of this review, it’s been apparent that there was a conflict of interest and that it was designed to be whitewash. These documents surfaced today confirm that,” said New Democrat MLA Adrian Dix.

“In order to truly bring to the light the extent of this campaign to smear the reputation of respected public servants and researchers, a fully independent review must be ordered.”