Elections are about choices, says Horgan

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horgan-ubcm-2VICTORIA— New Democrat leader John Horgan released the following statement regarding the outcome of the American election:

“Elections are about choices. And this election, Americans chose change.

“We heard Americans talk about feeling left behind, left out, ignored and belittled. They were asking themselves ‘does government work for me?’ And now we know their answer. People in our province and around the world are thinking about what this means for their lives.

“I believe that many people in British Columbia want change – for things to be better than they are – but change that also reflects our values: fairness, equality, caring for each other and preparing for the future of our province and our people.

“We live in an abundant place, yet we risk becoming a province where only the rich can thrive.

“Just like in America, people in B.C. can see that our economy is not working for everyone.

“With such abundance in our province, is it any wonder that people question why we are falling so far behind in public education, seniors care, mental health care, child care and affordable housing?

“I hope that no one in British Columbia wants to embrace the angry, sexist, prejudiced and divisive politics that carried Donald Trump to the White House.

“I hope we can work together for change of a different kind. Change we can be proud of, that makes people’s lives better.”