Falcon can change his party’s name but not his record, says Sharma

Today, the B.C. Liberals announced a name change in an attempt to hide Kevin Falcon’s record of working for the wealthiest while making life harder for everyone else. 

Falcon’s 12 year record in government is defined by huge tax giveaways to the richest 1% while raising costs for people and making aggressive cuts to services. 

In his time in government, Falcon made deep cuts to healthcare. He hiked MSP Premiums, BC Hydro rates, and brought in bridge tolls. He raided millions from ICBC while hiking insurance rates for drivers. He refused to crack down on real estate speculation. 

And today, Falcon is standing by his failed approaches, like opposing the Speculation and Vacancy Tax and fighting against David Eby’s action to reduce ICBC rates.


BC NDP MLA Niki Sharma:  

“Kevin Falcon can change his party’s name but not his 12-year record of choices that made life harder for people. He handed tax giveaways to the richest 1% and big corporations and made everyone else pay for it. He cut funding for hospitals and schools. He hiked MSP premiums and ICBC rates. No matter what he calls his party, he’s still working for the wealthy and well-connected and would make everyone else pay the price.”