Falcon opposes Eby’s action on housing (yes, again)

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Kevin Falcon continues to oppose all of David Eby’s actions to tackle housing availability and costs for people, siding again with real estate investors and speculators who benefit from high prices.

Yesterday, Falcon said he will vote against three pieces of legislation:

It’s the latest in Falcon’s iron man streak of opposing Eby’s action on housing:

Falcon also claimed yesterday that housing costs only started rising under the BC NDP, despite MLS data showing that prices in Greater Vancouver rose four times faster under Falcon’s government than they have under the BC NDP.

BC NDP Housing Minister Ravi Kahlon:

“Time and time again, Kevin Falcon has put the interests of real estate speculators and investors ahead of regular British Columbians who are looking for an affordable home.  He’s continuing to stand against the real action David Eby is taking to tackle housing affordability. Kevin Falcon’s record shows that he would drive housing costs up even further, just like he did before.”