Families can’t get kids into schools, paying the price for Christy Clark’s neglect to education

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VICTORIA – Families across B.C. are struggling to get their kids into their neighbourhood schools because Christy Clark’s government refused to plan for growth, say B.C. New Democrats.

“Parents in Coquitlam, Vancouver and Surrey are trying to get their kids registered for school, but are being told by Christy Clark’s government that there’s no space in the schools,” says Rob Fleming, B.C. New Democrat spokesperson for education.

“Schools are too crowded because Christy Clark lost her personal 15-year war on education when she was ordered by the courts to stop trying to cram too many children into each class room,” said Fleming. “And because she has been too busy closing 250 schools across the province instead of planning for growth, there’s no space left.”

“Our schools are overcrowded because Christy Clark’s government hasn’t planned for growth in communities like Coquitlam, and because they’ve closed 250 schools across B.C.,” said Jodie Wickens, MLA for Coquitlam-Burke Mountain. “Her short-sighted approach has left parents scrambling and worried about their futures.”

Port Coquitlam parent Stephanie Wagner said, “If we aren’t able to secure a spot within Cedar, one of us may be forced to end our employment, causing severe financial hardship to our family.”

Port Coquitlam parent Bree Kozak added, “We have no idea where our daughter will be going to Kindergarten in the fall, and the whole situation has put a huge stress on our family.”

Andrea Nielsen, a parent in Surrey said, “When I tried to register my nephew at the same high school as my son, I was told there was no space at the school. My stepson is starting at this high school in September, but I was told my nephew would have to go to a school over 20 blocks away. I had to fight to get them into the same school, and it was only after I threatened to go to the media, that I was told they’d be in the same school. This is no way for the Christy Clark government to run an education system.”