Horgan: New Democrat shadow cabinet to show just who will stand up for people and local economies in every corner of B.C.

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VICTORIA – New Democrat leader John Horgan established his first shadow cabinet Wednesday, a team that will work hard every day on behalf of the majority of British Columbians, who are being ignored and let down by the B.C. Liberal government.

“Community and business leaders are telling me they feel ignored by a B.C. Liberal government that is solely fixated on LNG—and the government is even failing to get real results on that,” said Horgan. “The B.C. Liberals don’t care enough about the priorities of most British Columbians and aren’t delivering for them.

“Our spokespeople – including three new regional economic development advocates – will show British Columbians that it’s New Democrats who will stand up for people and local economies and challenge B.C. Liberal neglect and failures.”

In defiance of her election promises, Premier Clark has driven up provincial debt faster than any premier in B.C.’s history, pushed B.C. to the bottom in job creation and hiked B.C. Hydro rates by 28 per cent. Several B.C. hospitals are among the worst in the country, kids have been locked out of summer school and the use of temporary foreign workers and foreign shipyards is on the rise.

“Premier Clark appears to know what it is she’s supposed to say, but consistently does the opposite,” said Horgan. “My team will cut through the phony words. We will hold the premier and her government to account for their record of making life harder for B.C. families and ignoring the needs of B.C. communities.”

Horgan appointed a record number of New Democrat women MLAs to economic portfolios and organized his caucus into two teams to advocate for the needs of B.C.’s diverse economic sectors and to ensure the needs of all B.C. communities are being heard and met.

“Our vision as New Democrats is for a government that takes a balanced approach to helping businesses in every sector and every community create good jobs. We know British Columbians want their government to provide excellent services families and communities can rely on and protect our unique and beautiful wilderness for us and future generations,” said Horgan.

“British Columbians should expect better from their government and my team will show them they can have better.”

The shadow cabinet will be discussing its action plan for British Columbians at a two-day caucus meeting being held Thursday and Friday at the Oceanic Plaza in Vancouver. Chairs and vice chairs of the Economic Sectors and Stronger Communities teams will be elected at the meeting on Friday.


The full New Democrat Official Opposition shadow cabinet can be viewed here: 14-07-23 Portfolio Backgrounder