Horgan says unity – not division – best way to ‘get to yes’

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horgan_speaking_in_houseVICTORIA— B.C. New Democrat Leader, John Horgan, called for unity over division on the road to successful resource development in his response to the Throne Speech today.

Countering Premier Christy Clark’s name-calling approach to First Nations leaders and others who raised concerns over the proposed Pacific Northwest LNG facility on Lelu Island, Horgan laid out a roadmap to getting agreements on resource development projects in B.C.

“The Premier’s view of the world is that if you are not cheering her on, regardless of what’s coming out of her mouth, you therefore must be some ragtag group of people,” Horgan said.

Horgan’s remarks refer to Premier Clark calling First Nations and others who voiced concern over the proposed LNG plant “a ragtag group” and the “forces of no”.

“I support ensuring that we get a maximum benefit from our natural resources, whether they be in our minerals, our mines…our forests…our natural gas,” Horgan said, and laid out a path forward for LNG development.

Horgan reiterated the four conditions that must be present for successful LNG projects:

  • British Columbians are first in line for project-related jobs.
  • First Nations participation.
  • Clear benefits to B.C.
  • Air, land and water are protected through strong environmental standards and stewardship.

“I think all of us can agree the way we get to a situation where all British Columbians are benefitting from our industrial activity is we do it together.

“I’m confident projects will go forward when they meet these conditions,” said Horgan.