Horgan will support co-op housing, shield families from Christy Clark’s housing crisis

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housing-coopsVICTORIA – A B.C. New Democrat government would provide support for co-op housing, shielding thousands of families from becoming casualties of Christy Clark’s housing crisis, says New Democrat Leader John Horgan.

“For years, the B.C. Liberal government has known that federal support is expiring for co-op housing, yet they have done nothing to provide certainty for families worried that they too will become casualties of Christy Clark’s housing crisis,” said Horgan.

“I am here today to provide that certainty. We will step up with provincial support for co-op housing, and provide families with the funding they need to keep a roof over their heads.”

There are currently more than 14,500 units of co-op housing in British Columbia. Many co-ops rely on federal subsidies to ensure that members pay no more than 30 per cent of their income towards housing costs. Those subsidies are expiring in 2018, leaving many families to wonder if they will lose their housing, or see their monthly costs skyrocket.

“New Democrats are committed to solving the housing crisis created by the Christy Clark government,” said New Democrat housing spokesperson David Eby.

“One of the ways we’re going to do that is by reinvesting in co-op housing. Co-ops provide affordable, attractive housing that’s suitable for families—just what B.C. needs.”

A B.C. New Democrat government would maintain funding to co-ops as federal funding expires and develop a plan to further support co-op housing.

“Christy Clark has turned this province into a place where only the rich can thrive. She fanned the flames of the housing crisis for years because it benefited her and her donors.

“Rental vacancies are at less than one per cent in our major cities, and buying a home is out of reach for many. Co-op housing is an important part of the affordable housing mix in B.C., and I want to assure low-income families that we will protect their housing,” Horgan said.